Prepare for your Session with Aleya

Aleya will call you at the time of your session.

Prior to your session reminders...

Before your session please prepare by listening to the daily cups and also working with this particular meditation. 
Please download the above file.
If you have the ability to pull yourself into your divine line by the time you work with me, the session will be able to be much more meaningful and we can go much deeper.

If you have not had time to prepare we can reschedule your session. 

Just let me know a 2 weeks ahead of time.

Feel free to email your intentions a few days prior to a session.
I do record the session either as MP3 audio files or as a CD.

More About Sessions with Aleya 

(Please read... it will help you prepare and answer any questions you may have :)
  • Please be in a quiet and comfortable place with little to no background noise.
  • I recommend having a headset, so that you do not have to hold the phone up to your head for an hour to an hour in a half.
  • I invite you to ponder your intentions prior to the session. What behaviors and patterns do you wish to shift at this time. I am a Soul intuitive and can help you shift your consciousness. I am not a medical intuitive or a “classic psychic.” 
  • You may want to have quiet time after your session, so that you can integrate the work.
  • If this is your first session please prepare by doing the daily or TALL cups for several months before you work with me. It is very helpful to have a general understanding of the terms I use, and to get familiar with the way I work.
  • Please email us using this link if you have any other questions. My assistant will be happy to help you.
I will email you to confirm your session a few days prior to your session.

Thank you. See you in the higher realms between now and then.