Quit Smoking

Follow these few simple steps for the next 30 days. (Or however many days you have to until you are ready to let go of this vibration).

  • When you smoke do nothing but smoke. Do not drive, talk, drink, eat, walk. Just sit or stand an be very conscious of your process with tobacco.
  • Switch to smoking American Spirit or Native tobacco (additive free).
  • When you smoke think about what it is you are receiving from tobacco and as you feel that energy from the tobacco begin to locate that same energy deep within you. Within your core column of light that flows just in front of your spine.
  • Once you have finished your tobacco – throw your but away and take a little of the tobacco and sprinkle it on the ground and thank the nature spirit and Earth for sharing her medicine with you. Move into gratitude and thanks. This empowers you and takes you out of being a victim to this vibration.
  • Each time you smoke – choose to smoke and hold loving thoughts. Accept that right now in your life you are choosing to engage in the energy of tobacco. Only when you have fully accepted and moved into appreciation for an energy can it shift.