Your life is a bit like climbing a mountain: At times, you are on peaks with amazing vistas, and at other times, you get lost in dense valleys. Each experience can be an opportunity to grow and learn in new ways.

The integrated concepts and tools Aleya teaches are designed to assist you in climbing your own mountain with greater clarity, strength, joy, ease, and personal fulfillment.


challenges you Are Possibly Experiencing

  • Physical, mental, or emotional health? 
  • Feeling lost? Disconnected? Insecure or fearful?
  • Are you "too sensitive" or highly empathic?
  • Do you need support navigating your everyday life?
  • Do you have a sense THERE IS SOMETHING MORE?

What changes do you desire?

  • Would you like to deepen your inner relationship with your essence? 
  • Find your purpose and passion.
  • Experience greater joy, peace, confidence, or freedom? 
  • Would you like to reach another level in your spiritual growth? 


What Do you desire?

Imagine you are at peace and feel calm as your right path unfolds clearly before you. You know the next step to take, and you do so confidently and are happy. 


Aleya's daily "Cups of Consciousness" meditations, "TALL Cups of Consciousness" monthly group sessions, classes, and her music connect you to a higher consciousness and higher vibrations. You develop your own innate abilities to affect every area of your life positively. You actualize your greatest potential.  


For over 30 years, Aleya has been an alternative healthcare practitioner. 
She is a sound healer, energy practitioner, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Teacher of energetic concepts and practices that are based on her book Seven Cups of Consciousness.
She had over 2,000 meditations online and nine sound healing albums.

Aleya has mastered the ability to help people release the root causes of their suffering. Her tools help people discover how to move forward with greater peace, empowerment, and freedom.

Aleya and her Seven Cups of Consciousness practitioners serve thousands of people around the world in one on one sessions,  meditationsonline courses, and powerfully transformative sound healing music.


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Seven Cups of Consciousness


Change your life by Connecting to the Higher Realms."

The Higher Realms hold the blueprint for your life when you shift the energy in the Higher Realms, your life in the physical realm changes. Your Higher Self (your Energy Self) knows how to do this work.

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Aleya's Music


Sound healing is a centuries-old practice and a transformative healing tool. Hindus chant Om, Monks intone beautiful prayers, and Aleya sings the songs of the Angelic Realm. Every chakra and organ in your body responds to a unique sound. When your body experiences powerful, high-vibrational sounds, it shifts the consciousness of your body and soul. 

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“Aleya is a truly gifted leader, healer, and visionary of our time. Her sound healing work is cutting-edge, dynamic, and highly effective. I have seen such delicious transformations occur with many people in my community due to their work with her. I also highly recommend her Daily Meditations. I have been meditating for over 20 years. When I subscribed to Aleya's Daily Meditations, I found them to be an amazing gift to my daily sits, adding a profound dimension to my experience. She is a treasure to our planet.”

Maile Ellington



Aleya uses "Energetic Protocols" (similar to prayer), "Sound Healing/Toning", and "Light Language" to help you align the energies of your body and spirit.

Her small daily Cups of Consciousness meditations, hour-long tele-video TALL Cups of Consciousness sessions, and Energetic Deep Dive intensives facilitate a higher consciousness, inner peace, and greater happiness.

Aleya tunes into the "Energetic Weather" and shares her FREE Forecast and has 11 Free Conscious Conversations.


The only subscription-based guided meditations that tune into the energy that comes onto the planet every day. The Cups of Consciousness meditations are the most amazing way to start the day. They guide you, support you, and bring in a whole new level of clarity and direction. 



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Sessions are hour-long live tele-video sessions with Aleya that take you into deeper alignment and help you clear specific challenges and blocks. The Tall Cups are scheduled every three weeks on Monday at 6 pm (Pacific Time).

Per Session:  $18 or select "Recurring Subscription" for $15 

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Aleya’s healing meditations focus on health, weight, relationships, abundance, and more. She even has a special collection for children. These series can be purchased and downloaded at any time.


Previous DEEP Dive Intensives audio and video files.


Aleya and her husband, Doug Noll, have a series of video-audio sessions. They share concepts and tools for creating healthy relationships with partners, children, parents, friends, and businesses.

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