One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 2 years or more. They have each completed a one year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions. Please contact the practitioners via the site once you have booked a session with them. Please do not contact them on their social media platforms because they may not check their messages regularly. Thank you.
Winslow Vail
Coaching Children and Coaching Parents

Help your child become confident, connected, and calm.
They will learn the tools that can empower them in any situation.
Restore your joy and magic.
30 minutes: $60.00
60 minutes: $125.00
Deb Petrille
Reconnecting after experiencing loss. Connect with your lost loved one. You lost a loved one. You are tormented. You want them to have Peace.
Distant Healing for Surgery: $60.00
75 minutes: $185.00
Francesca Sunkin
Creating A Beloved Healthy Relationship

Ponder what it feels likeā€¦.to wake up every day feeling so loved and cherished.
Be blissfully happy in your current relationship or in a relationship you call to you.
75 minutes: $185.00
Meir Ozveren
Increase Connection to the Angelic Realm

Feel the support of your guides and the angelic ones every day.

Are you ready to open your spiritual lens and discover a whole new world?
75 minutes: $185.00
Laurie Stark
Increase Awareness & Awaken to your Essence

Cultivate the awareness needed to live in alignment with your Higher Self.
75 minutes: $185.00
Kim McNaughton
Thrive in Your Business

Create an abundant business life with the support of energetic protocols.
Experience the flow and ease you have been seeking.
75 minutes: $185.00
Karyn DoveHawk
Use Your Connection to Nature

Imagine using... pine for clarity, rose for divine inspiration, rays of sunlight for warmth, sage for purity, moonbeams for softness, and the dove song for grace.
75 minutes: $185.00
Nina Lynch
Connection with Nature and Animal Spirits

Experience a magical life by increasing your connection with Nature and the Nature Spirits.
75 minutes: $185.00
Michelle Magid
Amplify Self-Love

Quiet the critique, calm the mind, and feel profound love for your essence.
Learn the "How To" for self love.
75 minutes: $185.00
Brynn Asarch
Energetic keys for navigating uncertainty and transitions.
Adapt to important life changes with more ease and grace.
75 minutes: $185.00
Pilar Valencia
Wellspring of Healing
Cultivate an awareness of health that includes joy, energy, consciousness and authenticity. Acknowledge that health is about evoking the power within to become a force of wellness and inner beauty. Symptoms are ingenious messengers that help us heal, grow, and transform into a more integrated, whole and vibrant human beings.
75 minutes: $185.00