Get the daily and TALL Cups

Get the daily meditations & the TALL Cups of Consciousness tele-video sessions.

Daily Cups And Tall Cups

Get the Daily and the TALL Cups

Shift your energetic fields & transform your consciousness and life
with 3, or 5 times per week 7-minute Cups of Consciousness audio meditations delivered daily to your e-mail, PLUS a 1hr. live TALL Cups of Consciousness video/audio energy balancing session every 3 weeks which you can join by livestream video with a chatroom, by phone, or access the recorded & downloadable audio/video files at your convenience.


Each TALL Cups session focuses on the following:

  • Energetic Balance
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Improving health
  • Increasing energetic awareness and the ability to receive information from your Guides.
  • Greater connection to the divine aspect of your essence
  • Decreasing reactivity
  • Increasing inner peace
  • Manifesting your intentions
  • Along with a few other pearls and Q&A time


Add to Cart and then select the combination and duration perfect for you!

You can download your daily meditations and TALL Cup audio/video sessions onto as many of your devices as you wish.

You will also have access to all your meditations and TALL Cup sessions that are in your subscription by logging into your My Meditations/My Library, indefinitely, at no extra cost.

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