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Base Chakra Magnetic Expansion

Increase your magnetics and base chakra. This cup is a potent magnetic lower chakra expansion meditation. Get super grounded. Take salt baths, spend time in Nature, take naps, clean, drum, sing low tones, listen to this cup, and breathe.

  • Locate the blueprints of your lower chakra energy centers.
  • Calibrate, clean, clear, heal, and expand the first and second chakra in a way that supports you from a place of empowerment, and balance.
  • Receive the same amount of energy from below as above.
  • Tones for this lower chakra opening and alignment.
  • Imagine, invite, and allow for an expansion in your grounding roots, base chakra, and magnetic grids.
  • Release all magnetic grids that you are using that are not yours and do not work for you.
  • Activate your very own unique sacred, magnetic template in the base chakra.
  • Infuse the vibrations of trust, abundance, empowerment, and vitality into this template.
  • Light language activate to assist with the activation with sacred magnetic template.
  • Invite the Angelic Realm to model right energy to you.



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Comments & Discussion

Beautiful love all the grounding cups.
October 17th 2013
I greatly appreciated your Q/A session last night. Thank you. Namasté
October 16th 2013
my 3 year old rested her hands right below my belly button for this one. I love how intuitive kids are!
October 16th 2013
Could definitely feel that in my base chakra and also sacral and solar. Thanks.
October 16th 2013
loved this one!
October 16th 2013
This took me very deep in meditation and expansion of the base chakra. Awesome!
October 16th 2013
THANK YOU! right on target!
October 16th 2013