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Deeply Clean Your Roots

The cleaner you are energetically the higher a vibration you can hold. 

The more grounded you are the higher a vibration you can hold.

And remember...

70% of spiritual energetic work is "cleaning."

Use this deep Cup to clean, repair, and expand your base chakra for a more grounded, supported way of being.


  • Hold your awareness in this present breath of now.
  • Pull your energy and awareness into your divine line.
  • Energetically reference your base chakra, magnetics, and roots.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to clean, repair, and reweave your magnetics and roots.
  • Tones to clean your base chakra and roots.
  • Spin energetic codes, sounds, and light around your base chakra.
  • Reweave your roots and magnetic grids for a more supported way of being.
May you hold a clean, clear, and supported stance as you move in the world.



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Comments & Discussion

Oh my! Yummy. Old school :>)
July 6th 2020
This was perfect for connecting with Earth's magnetic fields. Gracias!
July 3rd 2020
Thank you!!!!!
July 3rd 2020
Just what I needed today!
July 3rd 2020
July 3rd 2020
One of your best mefitations. Thank you!
July 3rd 2020
Perfecto mia bella, deep, strengthening, powerful dulce and fun!
July 3rd 2020
Beautiful, deep, relaxing... Thank you Aleya.
July 3rd 2020