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7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help manifest your intentions. Create greater abundance in all areas of your life.

Embrace Success

Access success from within. Access the grids for success and stop pushing it away consciously or unconsciously. Access a different way of manifesting success. Embrace success by pushing in and radiating that energy out into all aspects of your life.

If there is something in your life you desire and wish to attain, often you will push for that energy. In this pushing there can actually be a pushing away that occurs. Redirect the energy and get the success to come to you by pushing in.

  • Ground and connect with the divine.
  • Feel into a goal that you have for yourself in your life.
  • Locate all energetic pushing that you are doing to "get" to that goal.
  • Take the push out and push it in.
  • Access the vibration of your goal within you.

May your success ebb from within.

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The Early Years
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