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Increase Support As You Serve

Use the energetic weather and this cup to increase support for all of the ways in which you serve. The more you are supported the more you can serve. The more you are supported the more you give others an opportunity to serve.

  • As you hold your awareness in your divine line invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to energetically locate the dimension where you grids for your energetic contacts, contracts, and agreements are held.
  • Sit in council with your advisers and guides.
  • Re-work these contracts and agreements in a way that moves you into greater support as you move into greater service.
  • Invite others to open doors, relay resources, and support you as you serve.
  • Tones to assist this energetic recalibration of your contracts and agreements.
  • As you move in the day hold the awareness that you are recalibrating your contracts and agreements so that you are supported in a greater way as you serve.
May you receive greater support as you serve in a greater way.

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It was just perfect just as it was
This was exactly what I needed today! Thanks. It could be a little louder please. I had to turn the volume as high as it would go to listen still, but it's much better than Monday's!
Beautiful. Thank you.
The volume could be louder to be at the usual level. Also I could hear very little from the left side of my ear buds. I tested them on another meditation and they were fine with that one.
I loved this cup but I had a hard time hearing parts of it. My volume is up all the way.
Support is always welcome! Thank you!
This was very supportive, thank you! This volume was also good. Thank you for uploading a louder version of Monday's cup. I so and so listened to it, keeping my hands behind the ears.
Lovely. I think we are all looking for greater support. I know I am. The volume did get too low at the light language part but it was no big deal to turn up the sound

Recorded 06/24/2015