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7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help manifest your intentions. Create greater abundance in all areas of your life.

Increase Support and Resources$$$

Tap into vibrations for manifesting and shifting the ways in which you connect with resources.

Increase how you are supported in the world. This is an energetic protocol to increase support, resources and flow in your life. I have used this exact exercise and found it works in an amazing way!!! My favorite $ protocol.

  • Locate the sacred geometric shape of your essence, your body, and the energy consciousness that surrounds you.
  • Bring all of your reference points for support onto the sacred shape of your essence.
  • Place all of your energetic weight on the sacred shape of your essence, and the divine line that flows down the front of your spine.
  • Every time you think of money, or opportunities for making money, bring your awareness back to your divine line and feel your support there.
  • Energetically locate your support on your divine line and in your sacred shape.
  • Be supported internally.

A short explanation is at the end of this meditation.


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Thank you, Aleya. I look forward to experiencing sweet results.
September 9th 2012
September 7th 2012
I really felt that big shift too - wow
September 7th 2012
I felt a huge shift with this, had goosebumps during almost the entire meditation as the feeling of this support anchored in. Thank you Aleya once again. See you in the Tall Cups :)
September 7th 2012
Glitches happen. ♥♥♥ This meditation was soooo timely (as usual). Thank you!
September 7th 2012
Sorry for the delay in today's daily cup. There was a small technical glitch that my webmaster fixed. Phew...Ahha the joys of technology, all part of the process. Aleya
September 7th 2012