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Magnetics Manifesting Activation and Alignment

It's Magnetic Manifesting Activation Mojo Day!

Anchor in the intentions and support that will help you magnetically draw to you opportunities for your greater happiness, service, and creative expression. Manifest using your magnetics and grounding grids with this cup.

  • Invite your Body Deva to locate its own unique grounding grids.
  • Clean, clear, and re-calibrate the magnetics for this higher vibration.
  • Calibrate and activate the magnetics to hold support, empowerment, and vitality.
  • Locate and release all ancestral issues, blocks, and karma held in the magnetic grids.
  • Invite your Higher Self to activate the vibration of your Soul's passion, wisdom and mastery into your magnetics.
  • Repair and strengthen the connection of your divine line on the front of your spine.
  • Gaya / Earth has called you to be here in this world, to hold and use your gifts and model that in the world.
  • As your Soul's wisdom is reflected into your magnetics opportunities appear that support you in the expression of your Soul's passion. 
If you have restless, buzzy legs going to sleep at night, or during the night, you are feeling a magnetic re-calibration.

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Deep toning and the connection to Gaia are so deep love it my deep gratitude to you4*****
March 25th 2013