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New Moon - Motivation and Manifesting

Happy New Moon!

Use these Cups to get your feet back on the ground and get movin'. Open your heart and tap into a sweet strong flow of abundance and joy. For the first three days of a New Moon we can infuse our intentions into the energy of the new lunar cycle. 

Get motivated by holding a higher vibration and a more open heart. Really follow your passion/energy and only do tasks that have your energy behind them.

  • Connect with the spirit of La Luna (the Moon)
  • Connect with the qualities of this Moon, determination, focus, commitment, discipline, focus, and perseverance.
  • Invite your Higher Self to receive these qualities in your own unique way.
  • Utilize these qualities to the highest degree.
Write down your intentions on yellow paper and red ink.

May the energy of this new lunar help you actualize your intentions with passion and joy.

Just in case you want to try other new Moon meditations here is the link to access the New Moon bundle. Happy New Moon! 

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AWESOME!!!!! On point for where I am in my life. Aleya I am so grateful for you!!!

Recorded 01/23/2012