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Recalibrate and Increase Grounding

2019 is all about getting grounded so you can expand. Use this Cup to get your feet back on the ground in an empowered and abundant way. Increase your roots and magnetics. We manifest using our magnetics, so the more grounded we are, the higher a vibration we can hold. 

  • Hold a gentle awareness around your grounding mechanisms, your roots, your magnetics.
  • Energetically locate all of your magnetics, roots, your base chakra, and gently clean, clear, and re-calibrate all of the ways in which you ground.
  • Re-calibrate your timing components.
  • Spin your base chakra in a counterclockwise direction to clean and clear your base chakra.
  • Activate your base chakra with the blueprint and consciousness of abundance and empowerment.
  • Tone along with the note C for the base chakra.
May your feet stay firmly and abundantly planted on the ground.


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Recorded 09/04/2012