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Balance, Stillness, Receive

Use this Cup to move into balance, find stillness, and receive. This gentle, deep Cup helps you to embody these qualities.

  • Hold your awareness internally.
  • Invite the energetic aspect of you, your body and Team to locate a higher dimension where you are balanced and still.
  • Open your energetic receptors in this higher realm to receive supportive and empowering messages from your Guides and advisers.
  • Move into balance, stillness, and open to receive as we tone and sing a light language chant.
May you move into balance, find stillness, and receive the messages from the angelic ones in the higher realms.

For deeper support, get the Altered State Upgrade TALL Cup session.  It is incredibly powerful and supportive and really helps clear blocks and increase clarity.


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Recorded 10/20/2017