Classes with Aleya

Download the audio and video files from classes that Aleya has taught over the years. If you would like to become a practitioner of the Seven Cups of Consciousness Aleya recommends the following. 1. Read Aleya’s Books The Seven Cups of Consciousness 2. The Basics Seven Cups 3. Certified Practitioner Course 4. Empowered Empath Course 5. Practitioner Intensive Circle Training Email us once you have completed these three courses and we will then send you the link for the Intensive Circle Training All of these are online recorded classes. Aleya also recommends doing one of her energetic support coaching sessions as well.
The Empowered Empath Course
A 7 hour course for mastering empathic sensitivity. Powerful tools to help you clear empathic sensations quickly. Specific practices and concepts that empower the empath, healer, teacher, parent, and partner.
Facilitator Training
Facilitator Training with Aleya Dao and Doug Noll.
$189.00 USD
Seven Cups of Consciousness Practitioners Training Course
Become a certified practitioner of the Seven Cups of Consciousness. Learn how to use energetic protocols in your practice with your clients/patients and for yourself. Pre-Requisites Read Seven Cups of Consciousness Book and Subscribe to the daily and TALL Cups. And the four courses below... The 3 Series The Empowered Empath Course, The Master Class Series Gentle Transition Class
The New Manhood Codes
The New Manhood Series
$575.00 USD
Strings Summit 2021
2 classes to help you tap into your musical power.
How to Prepare Others or Yourself for a Graceful Transition Class - Audio Files
How to Prepare Others or Yourself for a Graceful Transition
$60.00 USD
New Thought March 10th [03/03/2019]
New Thought Class March 10th 2019   Filled with deep processes and proeocols to help you...   Increase your connection to your divine line. Help
$36.00 USD
Visalia Class - May 2017 [05/28/2017]
An hour long power packed, pearl filled class Aleya taught in Visalia, CA in May of 2017.
$10.00 USD
Class in Coarsgold, CA - Spring of 2017 [04/01/2017]
1 hour of information about your divine line, your Team, Guides, and your Essence.  This is a class Aleya taught in
$12.00 USD
Mini-Deep Dive for the Body - 10-09-16 [10/09/2016]
Help your body heal, awaken, and manifest.Use your energy fields and the higher realms to transform, change, and heal.A 2.3
$35.00 USD
Irvine Manifesting Class - July 2016 [07/08/2016]
A 1 hr. and 45 minute audio file on manifesting, body health, co-creative ways of serving. On July 2nd 2016 I
$18.00 USD
Seven Cups - East West Mountain View [11/11/2015]
Empowerment, clarity, and learning how to use the higher realms to shift your life. Release challenges and activate your Soul's wisdom. Mini-Deep
$11.00 USD
Assistance From Your Ascended Master Self Class/Session [06/08/2014]
Listen to an hour and 20 minute class with Aleya. Connect with yourself in the future as an Ascended Master and
$15.00 USD
GPS Class/Session New Thought Community [03/16/2014]
The GPS Class The material covered in the 1.5-hour class is below. All material was recorded in the audio file.   A
$8.00 USD
Fall Equinox Class - Increase Support and Co-Creative Service [09/22/2013]
An hour long audio file of the recordin of the class that Aleya taught at the New Thought Community Center
$8.00 USD
Two Body Deva Classes [07/01/2013]
Online Body Deva ClassThe material covered in the class is below. All material was recorded in audio files and also
$33.00 USD
How to Use Your Energy Fields Class [07/01/2013]
This powerful class will help you learn how to use your energy fields to transform and manifest in your life.
$12.00 USD
Co-creative Healer's Class [07/01/2013]
Download this incredibly powerful 3-hour class. Release codependent patterns Increase your ability to heal in a powerful yet gentle way Learn how to
$36.00 USD
Abundance Class [07/01/2013]
Download this incredibly powerful abundance class, which shares tools on how to get clear about manifesting abundance and tapping
$14.00 USD
Connect with Guides and Team Class [06/09/2013]
Aleya shares information and energetic protocols to help you open up to hear your Guides and feel their support. Discover the formula. Get
$12.00 USD