Empathic Sensitivity

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help balance clear empathic sensitivity, judgment, stress, and increase personal responsibility.

How to Create A Coherent Field of Transformation

This cup is a little snippet from a TALL Cups session on how to create a coherent field of transformation and decrease empathic sensitivity.

This is a great practice that will help you hold an energetic field that has the capacity to positively affect others and decrease your energetic sensitivity.



Listen to the last TALL Cups Session

This is a great session to listen to when you have anxiety, need to fall asleep, need greater support, or have issues around fear of the not enough. 

Audio Sample


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Syncronistically, 10 minutes before I listened to The Grace Road Map, I realized that i have been running the paradigm from my family dynamics that with love comes pain. And that I have been attracting those kinds of situations in my life. Obviously I realized I want to change that to be associating Love with Pleasure. And then The Grace Road Map came into my ears and I've already used it again this morning to help me drop all drama from a recent relationship and bring in from above beautiful creations. Thank Aleya!
January 24th 2014
Thanks Aleya I am still swirling from your beautiful song of yesterday and thanks for the reminder we are all God.
January 23rd 2014
Thanks aleya! So great to have the dis-attach protocol reviewed again....and again....yet every time it's right on and much needed. thanks for the image of the nightly repetition at bedtime....easy!
Good Grace & ease..ahhhh- "I'd rather learn my lessons with a feather than a 2 X 4....wasn't that yours from long ago?
January 23rd 2014
You can share it with the world. It is a youtube! Feel free to share today's cup.
January 23rd 2014
Thank you sooo much! I am very Grateful and Receive this Powerful protocol into my Heart...
January 23rd 2014
Love love love that you pulled out this from tall cups so I could go right to it! Thanks you so much ! Perfect!
January 23rd 2014
And.... The "how to create a coherent field" is an absolutely masterful piece. I wish I could share it with the world, but I guess I don't have to. &;^)
January 23rd 2014
I have absolutely been feeling this "lack of traction". Perfect timing, as usual!!
January 23rd 2014
I loved both of these. A beautiful pair. The first snippet from the Tall Cups was very timely for me as well as the shift into grace, thank you Aleya!
January 23rd 2014
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! For the snippet of the protocol! Maybe the single most important process you have shared for me to learn. You are wonderful! XXOOXX
January 23rd 2014