Empathic Sensitivity

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help balance clear empathic sensitivity, judgment, stress, and increase personal responsibility.

Manifesting, Support, & Ancestors Issues Sip

This  is a double shot of Sips to help you manifest, increase support, release your ancestors survival issues, and help your ancestors evolve. (2 Sips with lots of layers. :))


  • What happens when you help your ancestors that are on the other side evolve.
  • An energetic protocol to help your ancestors that is on the other side shift and evolve to the degree that they choose.
  • Often what you feel is an empathic issue that belongs to your ancestors.
  • Identify the issue that you are feeling that belongs to your ancestor.
  • Use the specific protocol to help your ancestor shift their issue.
  • This one is layered. You may need to listen to this one in slow motion/speed.
  • When your ancestors shifts you no longer are impacted by their issue.
May you help your ancestors shift and evolve to the degree that they choose.


Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

So useful! I'm amazed by how much lighter I feel! Always great to let go of missed placed baggage and the assist the expansion process. Very empowering. Thank you Aleya!
April 27th 2018
Ancestral cups are always very useful! Thank you so much.
April 27th 2018
Thank you for letting me know. I just fixed it. Aleya
April 27th 2018
I was moved to go to the app and discovered that the app has the first sip as it is mean to be and the second sip is this one, as it is meant to be.
April 27th 2018
Both sips are the same. This is an important one. I’ve got a few I need to do this for! Thank you!
April 27th 2018