Empathic Sensitivity

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help balance clear empathic sensitivity, judgment, stress, and increase personal responsibility.

Portal Day

Link into the portals opening in the higher realms. Use these Cups to embrace a higher consciousness, let go, and manifest your intentions as doorways and portals open in the higher realms. Let go of the mass consciousness of fear, old ways of being, and dissolve the veils of illusions. This is a good time to take a breath, pause, and look around. Walk through the doorway that supports the actualization of your greatest happiness.

  • Link into the portals that are open.
  • Manifest your intentions, let go, move on, and shift your consciousness.
  • Embrace your soul's consciousness.
  • Let go of the mass consciousness of fear.
  • Dissolve the veils of illusions.
  • Calibrate your perception mechanisms to be able to access the resources and consciousness that have the capacity to support you.
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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

For me the second cup was very profound. The music and your voice is just so beautiful and I like the softness. Thank you for your lovely work.
July 18th 2019
Those meditations really spoke to me. Thank you so much for all you do to help us stay the course or alter it to reach our highest potential and love our self even more! You are a wonderful teacher and guide. I appreciate your work daily in all realms!
July 18th 2019