7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you set up the energy, do higher vibrational work, and prepare for upcoming events. Release unhealthy habits. Let go of the rush and stress.

Calm and Centered in the Acceleration

Use this Cup to find your calm center. Also....manifestation can happen quickly when you hold an intention clearly. If you are out of alignment in any area of your life it will become evident quickly. Use this Cup to move into alignment. Find the center of the current and ride gracefully, as well as manifest your intentions.

  • Energetically locate and release all limitations.
  • Energetically locate the stream of light that is coming onto the planet at this time and move into the middle of this current.
  • Tones to link you into the center of the current. Tone along.

Move into energetic alignment and enjoy the ride.


Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Love the toning.... Question: just as I finished listening - my eyes started tearing. Know this is a reaction, but a different sort (ie yawning). Thank you :)
June 7th 2016
Becky Ishantara
YES!!! (Wow,what a SHOWER OF LIGHT! )
June 7th 2016
I love the picture just how I have been feeling these last few days pulled this way and that in a fast flowing river
June 7th 2016
Very nice, centering, grounding, and FUN!
June 7th 2016
Absolutely awesome... Thank you Aleya!!
June 7th 2016