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Abundance - Receive Resources In Your Life

Receive Resources In Your Life. Increase your capacity to live in abundance.

There is a beautiful connection vibration between you and your body. Invite your body to feel the abundance that flows through it from the Nature Kingdom and invite yourself to feel the abundant flow within your divine line and reflect that potent energy between you and your body and out into the world.

This is a very powerful technique that has the capacity to increase your resources in this world. Try doing this for 10 days for just 20 seconds and see what happens...

  • Bring your awareness to the divine line that runs just in front of your spine.
  • With your breath, intent, and Higher Self bring yourself into the center of that tube.
  • Have your Higher Self bring your reference points for abundance into it's divine line.
  • Reflect this consciousness of abundance into all your grids.

May the world reflect to you your own inner abundance.

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