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Access Support

Increase Support For Yourself. Creating inner support creates an outer support.

No matter how many resources you have or how little resources you have, there can be an unnerving feeling of not feeling supported. The only way to feel the support is to locate it within. This meditation speaks to that shift and helps you locate inner support so you can feel and create support in your life.

  • Breathe yourself back into the present.
  • Connect with your own spiritual alignment.
  • Feel into the needs and desires that you have for yourself at this time in your life.
  • Bring all of your needs deep into your core.
  • Use your higher self to shift the way in which you locate your needs.
  • Meet all your needs deep in your core.

May you feel a deep inner support well up within you as you move through the day.


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The Early Years
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This morning's meditation is Perfectly Timed...I have Conscientiously been Working on reconfiguring how I access support in my life. I am in deep Gratitude and expanded Openness to the Universe responding YES to the Highest Good for where my focus is...Thank you for your Service!
February 8th 2010
this is beautiful. thank you so much for sharing this with the world.
February 8th 2010