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Align Yourself for Mercury Retrograde

Move into the timing of Mercury Retrograde. Slow down so you can catch a new wave of time.

Use this meditation to calibrate to the energy. In our fast-paced lives Mercury Retrograde can be like hitting a patch of mud while running at mach speed. Shift your gears and stay in the flow. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to get all of the minutia tasks completed, clean out closets, reorganize, let go. Go slow and be in the flow.

  • Locate the current of time that flows in this Mercury Retrograde.
  • Bring all aspects of your being into that current of time that is slower, deeper, and quieter.
  • Update your reference points.
  • We call forth the whales to help use link into the current of time of Mercury Retrograde. They are singing in the background.

Move into turtle time and accomplish more than you could ever imagine.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Joyce Shockley
The Meditations week long have been especially powerful and helpful.
Today Friday 12/10, I listened to all 5 meditations, once again, resulting
in tangible feelings of empowerment and grounding. Early Thursday and early
Friday energies had been disorienting, but after listening to the meditations,
all is well, clarity,empowerment and grounding have been the result.
Thank you
December 10th 2010