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Appreciate the Work You Are Doing In the Higher Realms

Increase your awareness of the service work you are doing in the higher realms. When you move into a conscious awareness and level of appreciation for the work you are doing in the other realms it increases your capacity to receive resources and abundance in the physical dimension.

We are all of service here in this world in some fashion. When we acknowledge that our soul is doing work in the other realms it increases our capacity to be in an abundant flow.

  • Extend your grounding cord into the heart of Earth.
  • Extend your line of light from your crown up to the heart of source.
  • Bring all your energy back into the present breath of now.
  • Locate the dimension where you are being of service.
  • Acknowledge that in some realm you are being of service, somehow.
  • Increase your capacity to receive resources in the physical realm as you move into appreciation and conscious awareness of your service in the other realms.
  • Calibrate your grids to open and receive.
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