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Balance Your Lunar Grids

Use this powerful cup to balance your lunar grids. Some of the symptoms of having unbalanced lunar grids are headaches, irritability, an inability to stay on task and focus, and last but not least, grief. This meditation will help you come back into balance and clarity as your lunar grids are re-calibrated and healed.


The protocols in the meditation are the following:

  • Connect and balance your lunar grids.
  • Locate the veil that is around your heart and dissolve this veil.
  • Let go of the energies that do not support you and focus on the ones that do.
  • Open to receive the love from above.
  • Calibrate all of your receptors to receive this support and love.

Wishing you a day filled with the clarity and grace.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Wow! Thank you, Aleya. I didn't realize the effect of the lunar blast until after today's' meditation - my headache is gone ! Quite a powerful re-balancing !
Much gratitude for all of your work !!
October 19th 2009