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Balance and Align All of Your Perception Mechanisms

Use this magical moment to increase your perception and hold clarity. Shift how you perceive and what realms you perceive in. Use this meditation to see through a clearer lens.

  • Locate all of your perception mechanism that you carry within your biology and your energetic fields.
  • Breathe yourself into the present and ground and connect.
  • Bring the vibration and shapes of empowerment into all of your perception mechanisms.
  • Increase discernment and inner trust.
  • Bring your perception into alignment with the realms that support you and into the consciousness of love.
  • Connect with the group of beings that are on the planet that are holding a more enlightened consciousness.
  • Update your identity and personality grids.
  • Bring in the lenses of empowerment.
  • Locate your safety internally on your core column of light.

May you see all realms through the empowered lens.

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