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Be Gentle with Yourself

A Cup to support you in being gentle with yourself...

Release the self-critic as a way of evolving and moving forward.

Release the inner edge, the inner judge, or self-critiquing.

(This is one of my favorite Cups when it comes time to be gentle with yourself.)

  • Invite the Ascended Masters who are gentle with themselves to encircle you.
  • Open to receive the energetic information from the Ascended Masters about how to be gentle with self.
  • Invite you as an Ascended Master to place a hand on the back of your heart chakra and infuse the consciousness of self-love and gentleness into you.
  • Release the lower vibrational mechanism of the self-critic as a way of moving forward and evolving.
Release, re-invent, and allow.


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💕 love the singing so much
November 9th 2021
November 9th 2021
Thank you so much Aleya
November 9th 2021