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Be Guided By Your Ancestors

Be guided by your ancestors from the future as Ascended Masters. Your ancestors from the future as Ascended Masters are here to help you release all limitations from the past.

  • Connect with your ancestors from the future as Ascended Masters.
  • Invite your Ancestors to lift all of their limiting vibrations off of all aspects of your being.
  • Release all empathic sensitivity that does not serve.
  • Shift your relationship with your Ancestors to one of total support and joy.
  • Bring your reference points for your Ancestors to them in the future as they hold the vibration of enlightenment.
  • Receive all relevant and appropriate information from your Ancestors as Ascended Masters.
  • Perceive your Ancestors in front of you now guiding you with love and gentleness.

May you accept the guidance of your ancestors with love and joy.



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The Early Years
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Beautiful perspective. Very empowering. Lovely background music.
March 16th 2016