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Body Release Discordant Energy and Awaken

This Cup is all about helping your body awaken in a gentle graceful way instead of using pain or unhealthy ways of being. Your body is in a process of awakening. The more conscious you are as a Soul rider, the easier your body's awakening process will be.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Identify one discordant energy your body is holding.
  • Reflect this observation to your body in a compassionate patient way.
  • Invite your body to feel how it is using this discordant energy as a way of awakening.
  • Invite your body to use a different more efficient mechanism.
  • Invite your body to bring in a vibrational fabric for awakening that is more efficient, healthy, and harmonic.
  • Invite your body to release the discordant energy within itself.
  • Light language and toning.
  • Hold space for your body to awaken to the light of its essence.

Hold space for your body to awaken in a gentle graceful way using harmonic vibrations instead of pain.

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Dear Aleya WOWOWOW! Today was a major breakthrough for me from this beautiful and clear meditation. Learning how to support my Body Deva while she stands in her power is amazing! Also to activate what I want as Soul Rider - such a gift. tytytyty :)))))))))))
January 13th 2021
So lovely and absolutely perfect timing 😍 thank you Aleya
January 13th 2021
Once again, exactly what I needed.
January 13th 2021
Wonderful. Thank you so much for the feedback. :) Aleya
January 13th 2021
Perfect timing and much needed...Thank you, Aleya! Namaste'
January 13th 2021
Dear Aleya, that was perfectly and delightfully timed,
Thank you 🙏🏻💖☀️
January 13th 2021
Exactly what was needed ~ thank you : )
January 13th 2021
Yes, so helpful. Thank you Aleya
January 13th 2021
So helpful
January 13th 2021