Individual Meditations

Download individual daily cup of consciousness meditations by Aleya.

Calm Heart and Mind

Use this Cup to move into a calm, connected, and grounded stance.  The calmer your heart and the quieter the mind the clearer and more connected you will be.


  • Hold your awareness in this present breath of now.
  • Use your inhale to pull yourself into your divine line.
  • Bring in sacred shapes, sounds, mandalas, and light to calm your heart and quiet your mind.
  • Stand in your river of light.
  • Tones to quiet the mind and calm the heart.
  • Ground yourself by firmly attaching your divine line to the front of the spine.
  • Find your freedom flow and support in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Invite your body to find its freedom, safety, and connection in its divine cosmic loop.
May you hold a calm heart and quiet mind as you move in the world.


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Comments & Discussion

There simply is no limit to the care and detail you offer us Aleya. Thank you for softening the static to a croak. πŸΈπŸ’•
November 6th 2020
I love feeling freedom this way, thanks so much!
November 5th 2020
I really like this one. I need balancing especially right now. I was able to download it also. thank you.
November 5th 2020
Calm Fortress
πŸ’˜ Thank you! One to Savor...
November 5th 2020