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Clear Dream Distortions

Release the distortions between the realm of dreams and the physical realm. Use this Cup to tap into the realms where you dream and increase your capacity to bring your dreams from the other dimensions where they are created into this one. So often we will have dreams that are amazing and beautiful and then for some reason they show up in this one and are distorted. This can create a pattern of blocking your dreams from appearing. Use this meditation to clear the blocks and distortions.

  • Locate the realm / dimension where you dream.
  • Locate all limitations that distort and block your dreams from manifesting in this world.
  • Release these blocks, limits and distortions between the realms.
  • Locate the old belief systems held in lack and let them go.
  • Make the tones to clear these distortions.
  • Bring in grids and channels that support you in receiving your dreams.

May your dreams manifest with clarity, grace, and ease.


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