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Connect With Your Body Deva

We have what I refer to as a Body Deva. Our Body Deva has a Nature Spirit energy. Just like a tree has a spirit, so does your body. This meditation will assist you in identifying the energy of your body deva Nature Spirit. Our body is designed to be healthy and balanced. It is not designed to work out our issues, and when it tries it becomes quickly burdened. We gain weight, become ill, or injure ourselves. Use this meditation to come into a healthier relationship with your body.

  • Recognize and connect with your higher self and the Nature spirit of your body deva.
  • Lift all your issues off your body. Invite your body to bring in it’s templates of health and vitality.
  • Repair the bodies grids with the Nature Kingdom so it can receive the resources to help it maintain health and balance.
  • Work on your issues in your core not on your body.

After this meditation completes we invite you to stay in the energy of this meditation as long as you desire.

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The Early Years
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I just loved this meditation! I didn't get a chance to listen to it in the morning but I managed to click on it before I rushed off to work all the same. I proceeded to have a joyful, light-hearted morning which was unexpected considering I had a drab monthly meeting (the meditations really do work in your fields if you intend them to do so!) I eventually listened to it later in the day and it was a pleasure to be formally introduced to my body deva's higher self - my lil' green sprite! I had briefly met her not too long ago but I wasn't sure who she was. And it was even more exciting when I realized that she was the same being that visited me in an empowering, loving meditation I had 3 years ago at which time she was encouraging and lovingly beckoning me forward along my path....because due to some early traumas in my life, I haven't always completely inhabited my body so now I realize that it was her lovingly calling all of me in! :)
Thanks again Aleya! You're amazing and I'm so thankful for all of your support!! :)
February 14th 2010
Brian H. Littleton
Very peaceful and tranquil,focusing with your inner spirit.
February 11th 2010