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Connect to Your Higher Self and Release Inertia

Increase your connection to yourself in the higher realms. As you increase your connection you increase your capacity to receive the nutrients and wisdom from the higher realms. We live in a world that has a huge amount of inertia. By increasing your connection to the aspect of you that expresses itself in the higher realms, you diminish the impact of the inertia.


Imagine your higher self standing directly across from you 3 feet away. Now imagine a strong wind blowing between you and your higher self. Every time your higher self relays information or a gift, the wind blows it away. If you place a wind break between you and your higher self you increase your capacity to receive from your higher self.


The protocols in the meditation are the following:

  • Create a grid of light and love between you and your higher self.
  • Shift your perception so you have the capacity to reference point your higher self.
  • Increase your vibration and consciousness. As you increase these vibrations within and around yourself you release the vibration of inertia.



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