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Embrace Your Intensity Hold it Vertically

Today the energy is all about embracing the intensity with you.

Use today’s fresh intense supportive cup to explore the idea that there is a part of you that is powerful and wise an intense. When you are intense the practice is about holding your intensity vertically by holding your desires internally on your light first before anyone or anything.

  • Hold your energy and awareness and your divine line.
  • Invite the higher self of you your body in teams to feel into any focus, creative energy that you are streaming horizontally onto others.
  • Lift all of your threads, creative energy, and intensity off of everyone and everything back to you.
  • Toning and light language to assist you and retrieving your intensity.
  • Embrace and increase your intensity
  • Feel how you intensity soothes and supports you.

Embrace your intensity. It is what protects and supports you.

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May 19th 2021
This was so amazing and perfecr. Thank you Aleya
May 19th 2021