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Feel Your "Home" and "Family"

Feel your Spiritual Family and Your "Home." Feel your spiritual family that holds vigil for you on the other side. Your spiritual family are beings from the place your Soul calls "Home." Being the infinite beings that we are, we acknowledge that we may not be from "here" but from another realm or world that perhaps feels more like "home." For some, Earth may feel like home and for others it may be somewhere else. Use this meditation to feel that sense of home within and around you.

  • We call forth your spiritual family.
  • Bring in grids of love and light around you that support you in connecting with these beings that hold vigil for you on the other side.
  • Activate your internal communication system that you hold within you that supports you in connecting with this family of love and light.
  • Be surrounded and remembered by your Spiritual Family.
  • Calibrate your eyes, ears, and heart to feel the vibration of their love.
  • Dissolve the veils between you and your spiritual family.

May you feel the love from above.

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