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Find More Space Instead of More Time

Find perpendicular time and limitless space. Tap into limitless space which can then help you access the perpendicular or spiral concept of time.

Use this meditation to tap into the space continuum that holds perpendicular time. This week when you ask for time, instead ask for space and then tune into all of the space you have to accomplish all of your heart's desires. Move into a dimension that has a more perpendicular vibration for time and a more expanded sense of space.

  • Be surrounded by the Mayan Time Lords.
  • Access the limitlessness of time and space.
  • Imagine moving into a dimension where you have all of the space you need.
  • Tap into the limitless space and rest.
  • Update your timing components.
  • Come into perfect timing and limitless space.

May you feel the spaciousness of the Universe with a slower pulse of time.

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May 31st 2016