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Find Your Divine Line

When you connect with the Nature Spirit of your body, you connect with your core column of light. Use this Cup to bring your energy deep into your core and invite the Nature Spirit of your Body into your body. Connect with your Divine Line and bring all your energy onto your core column of light.

Just like you have a car but you are not your car, you have a body but you are not your body. Imagine driving your car while sitting on your engine. Now imagine driving the car while sitting in the drivers seat. Stay on your divine line and let your body do what it does best. You direct and let your vehicle (body)do the rest. Your body has a different consciousness than your soul. Your body is connected to the Nature Kingdom and has all the templates for health. When we give our body deva the space it has the capacity to do amazing things, like health!

When we bring our energy deep into our core and we invite the Nature Spirit of the Body Deva into the body there is a smoothness and ease. Doing this actually slows the aging process down. It increases the capacity for your body to hold greater health and heal. You can practice this everyday.

  • Locate your core column of light and come into that energy.
  • Invite the Nature Spirit of your body deva into your physical human form.
  • Invite your body to heal all aspects of your body.
  • Bring your awareness into your core and maintain your line of light.

After this meditation completes we invite you to stay in the energy of this meditation as long as you desire.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

It felt amazing to bring all my energy to my core, I felt a huge relief when it happened, then to fill my cells with the consciousness of the body, Strain that I was feeling in the body before completely lifted. It was amazing. Thanks!! Your Rock!
February 15th 2010
Laura Ramirez
My name is Laura Ramirez. These meditation's are a gift, Thank you Aleya. . I am an owl.. An Elder, in a forest deep in heaven.. I have always felt something very high up to my right. And I did not know what it was. And now I know it is my body's higher self. The clarity is divine.... I feel as tho a gap has been filled. A gap that I was trying to control.. But to honor my body and the spirit animal that it is, has never made so much "sense" and felt so appropriate. There is a deep trust there, here... I can see it is going to assist in working here and staying connected with others..It is a relief actually.. My body does not feel like a burden or something that blocks me from my full spiritual potential. It's me, my friend. Thank you Aleya... Filled up with gratitude...
February 12th 2010