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Heal 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras

This meditation will help you manifest your desires in this world and will help you be more supported.

We use our lower three chakras to manifest in the physical realm. This will also help you link into the new magnetic grid that has come onto the planet - thus the manifesting piece.

  • Heal the lower three chakras with tones and sacred shapes.
  • Use tones to clear the base chakra.
  • Clear the second chakra of all cords, and contracts that are not yours.
  • Clear your solar plexus of all power struggles and breathe in pure yellow.
  • Hold your power from a place of purity, integrity, and love.

May you root into this world with empowerment, trust, and love.

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The Early Years
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Thank you so much! I awoke feeling "off" with discomfort in my lower back and pain in my left ovary area. All morning I was in discomfort and my whole morning routine was thrown off. Then I saw the meditation and listened and about 5-10 minutes after listening, my pain and discomfort was gone! Thank you! Thank you!
July 27th 2010