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Heal Your Energetic Hearing

Heal your energetic hearing. Use these sounds to heal your ability to hear your inner guidance and the guidance from the angelic realm. Many layers of distortion are releasing and lifting up and out. As these layers of doubt, confusion, and fear release, focus on your inner truth and inner knowing. Bring your awareness back to the inner current and inner truth. In this meditation there are literally the sounds of the angels singing.

  • Locate all of your energetic listening mechanisms.
  • Bring all of your mechanisms for energetically listening off of everyone and everything and back to the divine line of you and your Body Deva and Team.
  • Clean and clear all energetic distortions within your energetic listening mechanisms.
  • Toning from the angelic realm. (Literally)
  • Calibrate your ears to your Guides and Higher Self.
  • Heal the heart and pericardium for all of the times you listened and perceived that you were "wrong," and all the times you did not listen to your intuition.
  • Bring in the hologram of divine hearing around you.
  • Hear the truth, perceive clearly with your energetic ears.
  • Repair all of your listening mechanisms between you and your Higher Self.

The toning on this meditation is literally the angelic realm. They allowed themselves to be recorded. Use this tone to clear and align your energetic ears.

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