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Heal the Energy Between You and the Mother

This cup is more a request from daily cuppers as opposed to a cup for the energetic weather. This is a meditation to help heal the energy around the mother energy.

  • Locate the energetic umbilical cord that perhaps still connects you to your biological mother.
  • Lift your energetic umbilical line back to your divine line in a whole and healed state.
  • Gently lift all of your loyalty, commitment, love, and connection off the mother and back to you at the level of your Higher Self.
  • Hold your love for the Mother internally.
  • Return all issues, karma, or lesson that belong to the mother, along with all relevant and appropriate energetic information.
  • Clean the karma of the mother off all aspects of you, your body and Team.
  • Retrieve all responsibility that is yours off the mother.
  • Clear your Mother's Team off your Team.
  • Tones to help this energetic shift.
  • At the level of your Higher Self and the Higher Self of the mother weave healthy grids and right relationship.
  • Retrieve all responsibilities you gave to the mother to validate, approve, or deeply connect with your Essence, and to hold and meet those needs internally in your own divine line.
  • Activate the vibration of self love and self worth in your divine line.



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I ditto all the comments above. Several days of powerful meditations that stirred up a lot. I am stuck in the same feelings and unhealthy behaviors that I used as a child with my alcoholic mother and absent father in my present relationships. Definitely a Tall Cups!!!! Thanks for all you do!
January 26th 2014
Could you expand on this mother energy and tweek it for us mothers with our children? Funny how the very day this comes out ,I see I need to clean and clear energy with my daughter for both our highest good. Thanks :)
January 25th 2014
Love this one Aleya! Thank you and Yes a Tall Cups on this!!!!
January 24th 2014
Thank you so much for al this amazing feedback. I will definitely do a TALL Cups on the ancestral energies...
January 24th 2014
So timely as tomorrow is my birthday. This and yesterdays meditation are so powerful. I'll be listening to both of them for who knows how long. This is so healing and brought me instant feelings of lightness and freedom.
January 24th 2014
Yes! Wonderful cup. I think I've worked with every ancestor-related recording you have, and it still seems like there's more to do. I feel energies of fear/limitation/compression/suppression pop up that seem tied to my mother, her mother, etc. I have also found myself holding on to beliefs/behaviors of my mother as a way of holding on to her (she died 6 years ago). What an eye (and heart) opener all of this is! Thank you Aleya!
January 24th 2014
It certainly resonates for me, Aleya and I would love a Tall Cups on those pesky ancestral issues. :). Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts! Much love and gratitude for
January 24th 2014
Thank you Aleya again for an important meditation! Although my mother died 10 years ago, I still feel her
energy sometimes very strong around. We had an almost symbiotic relationship, maybe because my father died early on and I was the youngest child. Would love a Tall cups for this. Love and blessings.
January 24th 2014
Would love a tall cup on mother/ancestors!
January 24th 2014
Although I have not requested a meditation around mother. I have been thinking about her sense the sudden death of my nephew last Friday. My parents sister and I helped with his upbringing. Mother was not a nurturer it was tough times with her. She was a troubled soul. (Dad was the nurturer) This is a nice meditation great timing for me. Thanks Aleya.
January 24th 2014
I agree with Heather - been doing a lot of clearing work for the past 2 weeks mostly centered around female ancestors, primarily my paternal great grandmother. Much love and many blessings! Thanks!
January 24th 2014
This is incredibly synchronistic for me Aleya, considering my realization yesterday about how I'm running programming of pain from my family (see my note on yesterday's meditation). Yes, Please do a Tall cups for this huge energy field! Love Heather
January 24th 2014