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Increase Personal Responsibility, Boundaries and Empowerment

Increase personal responsibility, boundaries, and empowerment. Bring in a greater degree of responsibility for respecting yourself and not hoping or expecting it from others. We can only respect someone to the degree that we respect ourselves. As we spend time with those we love we can get triggered because there can be an occasional feeling of not being respected by those close to us. Use this meditation to increase your capacity to be neutral and compassionate with your loved ones.

When we are responsible for respecting ourselves we come into a greater alignment with ourselves and are then less fused with those in our life. This release of fusion decreases our levels of reactivity and confusion.

  • Locate all responsibilities that you have given to others for respecting you, your body, and Team (the beings that surround you in another realm and support you in your growth and evolution).
  • Bring the responsibility for respecting yourself back to your divine line.
  • Bring your tools and mechanisms for respecting yourself back to you.
  • Increase an energetic protection mechanism around you.
  • Return all responsibilities for respecting others back to their right and perfect place along with the appropriate information.

May you feel peace and self-respect for yourself and see that mirrored back to you in the world.

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