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Increase Validation, Recognition, and Appreciation

As we shift from one consciousness into another, out of an old paradigm into a new one, doubt and insecurity can surface. Let go of old stale energy and move into a new fresh, vibrant, and unknown consciousness. There is an old magnetic structure falling away and a new one is coming in. Slow down so you can catch the wave.

  • Locate all reference points for being validated and recognized that you have out there in the world.
  • Infuse a more enlightened consciousness into all ways in which you are validated, appreciated, and recognized in the world.
  • Breathe your validation back onto your core column of light.
  • With your exhale anchor validation back onto your core column of light.
  • Shift the way in which you validate yourself to your core column of light.

May you release old paradigms that no longer serve and enjoy a higher vibration moving forward.

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The Early Years
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Shila Prosser
Aleya's Beautiful Gift that she offers to the world...anyone who truly wants to shift their life into experiencing Real joy and Love for Self... can be accessed through her daily meditations. My sessions and the meditations with Aleya have completely transformed my life from a place of wanting to give up to a place of empowerment, grace, peace and now, experiencing a daily heart felt connection with my Higher Self and with the 'Love and Light Being's that surround us all...ready to help us in any way they can. Thank you Aleya, for your unbounded work and Your Gifts you share with those who are willing to take the step towards finding their own True Self.
July 19th 2010