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Mental Body Balance

Open and calm the mind. Get clean and clear.

  • Gather your energy back into the present breath of now.
  • Extend your grounding cord into the heart of Earth and from your crown a line of light to the heart of Source.
  • Notice your thoughts like clouds in the sky.
  • Locate all challenges that you are attempting to shift with your mind and send these issues up to the mind of your higher self where you have a more enlightened perspective.
  • Invite that more enlightened mind find the solutions.
  • Bring your awareness into your heart space and listen to the wisdom from your Higher Self there.
  • Bring your awareness onto your core column of light and listen to the sound of your essence.
  • Wash your ears and all ways in which you perceive to the peace, love, and flow.

You may sit in the energy of this meditation for as long as you wish.

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The Early Years
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