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Move Out of the Almost There to the THERE

The doors are opening and now is the time to walk through them. Link yourself to your goals.

Move out of the almost there to the tHERE. Walk through the doors of whatever it is you are intending for yourself. Do something, anything, that helps move you in the direction of your goals. This meditation has many layers and I actually invite you to listen to it just as you are falling asleep tonight. You can listen to it this morning too but there is a deep shift and healing that can also take place during dream time, especially with the power centers/third chakra.

  • Locate the direction that your soul is heading that supports your greatest happiness.
  • Locate your goals and dreams.
  • Bring in grids that connect you to your goals.
  • Calibrate your timing for those intentions, directions, and dreams.
  • Infuse the vibrations of the resources into those grids.
  • Calibrate your perception mechanisms so you can locate those resources.
  • Align your power centers to the vibration of your goals.
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