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Open to Receive the Presents of the Present

Open to receive the presents of the present by being in right timing. In order to be in right timing we must be present so that we can link into the flow. Use this meditation to open your ability to receive by being present.

  • Gather all of your energy from the future and from the past back into the breath of now.
  • Use the multi-dimensional aspect of you to heal the past and present.
  • Tone yourself back into the present.
  • In the present you can receive.
  • Recalibrate your receptors for receiving the present and the magic of the moment.
  • Calibrate your timing and find the flow.

May you open to receive the presents of the now.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Hellen Lawrie
It's been a fabulous life for me and I've shared it with so many, even the sad periods and frustrations. All the while I have believed that life continues to give me what is needed every day to push me further and ask, "What is that I've learnt today and what is my question for tomorrow?" Striving for peace can bring people down and it's not till they let go they realise that peace is what they have always. It is through meditation that we find a way back to it. I thank you for your meditations and am grateful to those like yourself that drive us to understand that life need not be lived in turmoil and alone. Thank you.
August 21st 2010
Shila Prosser
Being in the now (the present) and receiving a present. How beautiful is that!!! Thank you Aleya once again for presenting your special gifts to the world and into my Life. Love from Shila
August 20th 2010
Jane Marley
Wonderful, so refreshing that I wanted to smile and keep smiling, Thank You
August 20th 2010