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Release the Fear Surrounding the Journey of Success

Release any fear and frustration around your journey of succeeding. The frustrations and anger from all the times we have perceived we have not succeeded can actually block our ability to succeed. Release your anger and frustration and soar forward.

  • Locate all frustration, anger, or irritation around the times you have perceived that you have not succeeded.
  • Activate the spiritual lessons of these emotions.
  • Bring these lessons in for you: trust, patience, divine timing, divine flow, gratitude, and humility.
  • Trust that you will be able to receive success one step at a time.
  • Feel you own inner abundance and reflect that out in the world.
  • Assimilate each success so you are ready for the next step.

May your leap with presence and gratitude into the knowing of every success that is held in everyday.

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The Early Years
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How do you do it Aleya? Every day the meditation seems perfect for me, just as if you are stepping into my mind and reading exactly what I need!
August 5th 2010