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Repair and Align Your Tunnel of Light

Today the energy is all about increasing clarity.

Use today's cup to clean your tunnel of light which, then increases an inner flow of clarity, purity, and calm.

The cleaner your tunnel of light the calmer and clearer you will be.

(This cup can be very helpful with headaches, neck, and shoulder tension.)

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference your tunnel of light that inserts at the back of your neck.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your body to clean and repair all of the crystalline structures within and around your tunnel of light.
  • Clean, balance, and align your tunnel of light.
  • Create a consistent steady flow down your tunnel of light.

A clean balanced tunnel of light creates clarity, connection, and calm.

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Comments & Discussion

So powerful. I listened to it twice, as I so needed this today. Thank you!!!!
May 21st 2021
Jane R
Very supportive...
May 21st 2021
I love the tunnel of light meditations. I see myself praying with my head bowed . This is so powerful.
May 21st 2021
Becky G
LOVE THIS and the detailed energetic work on the neck, 5th chakra, tunnel of light!
May 21st 2021
I too was surprised at the location for our incoming Llght. Thank you for your beautiful, healing toning.
May 21st 2021
May 21st 2021
I thought the tunnel of light connected to the higher self came down through the crown chakra. This is a new concept for me!
May 21st 2021