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Rewire Your Ears, Eyes, and Crown

Today the energy is all about the upper energy centers.

Use today's first Cup to rewire your ears, eyes, and crown.

We are in a process of getting energetically rewired to hold a higher vibration and perceive multiple dimensions. 


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference how some part of you in rewiring yourself for a higher vibrational way of being.
  • Some part of you is releasing old energetic grids off your eyes, ears, and throat.
  • Consciously, gently, energetically release old grids off the ears, eyes, nose, and crown.
  • Spin your fields in a counter clockwise direction to release these old grids.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your body to rewire all of the energetic systems around the ears and eyes for a conscious multi dimensional reality.
  • (At the end of this Cup is an explanation.)
May you rewire your energetic ears and eyes for a conscious multi-dimensional reality.


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May 20th 2021
This is amazing, thank you!
May 20th 2021
I found both cups to be energetic powerhouses! Your additional comments were very helpful and appreciated. Thank you Angels and Aleya.
May 20th 2021