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Ride Your Silky Supportive Moon Stream

Ride Your Moon Light Stream with this light language activation...
Use the new lunar cycle to weave a silky, smooth, and supportive stream.

Imagine riding in a river of moonlight all month long in a way that supports, soothes, heals, and inspires you.

Use the energy and light coming from the moon to weave a moon-river/carpet for yourself.

This will help you feel calmer, more supported, and inspired all month long.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to connect with the essence of the Moon.
  • Reference the light and energy coming from the Moon.
  • Use the light and energy coming from the Moon to weave a supportive stream that you can support you.
  • Light language and toning activation to help you weave your Moon stream.

Weave a silky supportive Moon stream that can sooth and support you all month long.

For greater NEW MOON support, get the New Moon Release and Receive TALL Cups session.

Perfect for new beginnings.

Release the old.

Bring in the new.

Very supportive.

Get out of the straight jacket of limitations.

Get out of the cage.

Find the freedom supported flow.

Be magic again!

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Comments & Discussion

Elaina Geltner
This feels amazing. I'm looking forward to a whole month of silky supportive yummy-ness. Such a beautiful way to start my day.
November 5th 2021
I Love the Moon and Grace!
I remembered the one in 2015 ( Grace Grids) because one of my friends transitioned around this time and it felt so helpful then and today.
November 5th 2021
Ahh so yummy and soothing 😋
Much gratitude Aleya 🙏 💜🙏
November 5th 2021
November 5th 2021
Love love these !! Thank you Aleya !
November 5th 2021