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Still the Mind

Quiet the mind and increase clarity. Increase your focus, clarity, and calm. The energy of the mind can be like a gerbil running on a wheel. Use this incredibly powerful technique to quiet your mind and rest in the stillness. As you practice holding your thoughts in, your ability to have greater clarity and less reactivity to stressful events will increase. 

  • Breathe in and out and hold an awareness with the breath.
  • Imagine that just as your body breathes, your mind does the same but with thoughts.
  • Imagine holding the mind's breath in. Hold your awareness on your pillar of light that flows on front of your spine.
  • Invite your Higher Self and Your Body Deva's Higher Self onto that pillar of light, your divine line that flows just in front of the spine.
  • Bring your eyes and ears and all awareness to the in-breath of the mind.
  • Relax and rest as you hold the breath of the mind in.

May your mind and heart feel the stillness and connection that resides within you.

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