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Support from the Spiritual Kingdom

Connect with the "Spiritual Kingdom." Light and love pours in from the Spiritual Kingdom that surrounds this planet. While recording this meditation I was brought to tears as these beings showered us with their support and love. Enjoy!

  • Come into the present breath of now.
  • Come onto your core column of light.
  • Calibrate yourself to hear these beings of love.
  • Calibrate the crystalline structures in your skull to perceive these beings.
  • Calibrate and open your receptors to hear and feel the love and guidance.
  • Open to receive this support and love.
  • Bring in grids of abundance from the spiritual kingdom.
  • Move into abundance for the more abundant you are the more able you are to serve.
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The Early Years
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I simply love your meditations.. Thanks for your gifts beautiful woman
April 8th 2010
This was a very deep meditation .... WOW!

Thank you,
April 8th 2010